Business Advisory Services

Businesses go through a variety of stages. We are here, with our ample business experience. We will help you navigate the ups and downs of any and all of them through our business consulting and business advisory services. For any of the below, please contact us now. In the meantime, you might find one of our resources helpful.

Business advisory services to help you find your idea

The Idea Stage

Marked Stone will work with you to either develop your startup idea or help you find a business to buy. The process of startup or buying a business is daunting. Let’s get past that and start your story.

Business advisory services to help you with the startup stage

The Startup Stage

All the planning was one thing, but when you get going on your business idea, it’s all together different. We will work with you to get your business going, as a business coach, business advisor, or mentor.

Business advisory services to help you through the growth stage

The Growth Stage

Your business is starting to grow and now you are considering new products, new markets, or even a potential merger or acquisition. We have significant experience with all of the above business strategies and will help you through these exciting times.

Business recovery

The Recovery Stage

Business is always changing and evolving. We will assist you in recovering your business. Whether it’s dealing with banks, making payroll, cash flow management, or any other seemingly insurmountable hurdle, advisors at Marked Stone probably have been there and can help you through the business survival challenges you are facing.

Business succession and business exit

The Exit Stage

You’ve made it this far, and now you want to either enjoy the fruits of your labour or perhaps there are other reasons you are looking to move on. We can help you setup a succession plan that sees you maximize your goals for the business through some sort of business sale or business exit.

Project constraints

Monthly Business Advisory Services

In monthly business advisory services, you have scheduled video calls. Further, you will enjoy access to additional resources. The monthly business advisory service is great for any owner feeling a bit lost or alone. This service provides that sober second thought.