Advisory Services for You

Business advisory services to help business owners resolve current challenges and find the time to work on their businesses.

Help for capital providers, like banks and private equity, by providing due diligence, giving them the assurances they need.

Business advisory services to help you grow your business or investment

Business Advisory Services

Do you need business help? Marked Stone provides business advisory services to the businesses who need it. It is the owners that are very good at what they do, but often need help with the business. They might need a guide for the aspects of business they aren’t familiar with. For example, they might need help with topics like: strategic planning, cash flow management, capital structure, marketing, supply chain management, or human resources. Business owners struggle to find the time to work on their businesses and Marked Stone is here to help.

Due Diligence

For capital providers or businesses wanting to acquire others, Marked Stone provides cost effective solutions. (Capital providers may include banks or private equity firms.) Whether it’s for verifying financials, financial analysis, or entrepreneur profiling. Especially in these uncertain times when travel is restricted. In these situations, Marked Stone can be that cross border agent. As well, Marked Stone can use the experience behind it to provide that extra level of assurance for your next investment. Kris Fleckenstein, Marked Stone’s founder, has personally been involved in over 20 acquisitions. Kris has done or led the due diligence and integration on all of these acquisitions. Further, Kris has advised others on acquisitions and due diligence.

Monthly Business Advisory

Marked Stone provides a monthly business advisory service. In the monthly advisory service, the business owner has scheduled video calls. Further, they will enjoy access to additional resources. The monthly business advisory service is great for any owner feeling a bit lost or alone. The monthly business advisory service provides that sober second thought.

Other Business Resources

If you aren’t ready to start or don’t have a company to buy or invest in, check out the resources on this site. In addition, have a look at the courses section to see where you can take a class with Kris. If you’re a company that needs training materials created, by all means, contact us too.