The Marked Stone Story

Marked Stone provides business consulting and business advisory services to business owners.

For the business owner or entrepreneur, we want to help you become the hero of your success story. Whether you have a brand new business idea or you’re an expert in your industry and now you are going to start your own. Or maybe, you’ve decided to buy a business to create a legacy – we can help with that story too. If you need business advice, we are here for you no matter where you are in your journey. So have a look at our home page to see where you might find yourself.

About Kris Fleckenstein

As for me, I’m an experienced entrepreneur, consultant, researcher, project manager, and teacher. I’ve had fast growing organizations with growth through mergers and acquisitions, product development, and market development. Further, I’ve experienced very difficult times in business and can help you through business recovery. My experience providing consulting and advisory services means Marked Stone can probably help you in ways you didn’t realize.

I’ve been a CEO, CFO, President, Vice President, Director, and Founder in a variety of companies. During those experiences, I’ve raised over $100 million, completed over twenty acquisitions, worked with banks and equity providers, restructured companies, built sales programs, developed strategic plans, and have had hundreds of employees. I probably have experience in whatever it is you are dealing with that I can tap into, as your business advisory guide.

Let us help you by contacting us now through our form or by emailing me directly. Alternatively, check out our resources and courses.


Kris Fleckenstein, B.MGT., MBA, PMP®