Due Diligence Services

Marked Stone provides due diligence services for capital providers or those looking at acquiring businesses. Whether you are a private equity firm, bank, or strategic buyer. The Entrepreneur Profiler service is a unique service that provides a level of comfort for any capital provider. After all, capital providers, especially private equity firms, are investing in the entrepreneur as much as anything. So don’t you want to make sure you have an entrepreneur that will be there when you need them the most? As for traditional due diligence services, we have years of experience in mergers and acquisitions. Let our experience be your assurance in your next investment.

In the current environment, having someone close to your potential investment is critical. As such, let Marked Stone provide this crucial function to help you with your next investment.

Entrepreneur profiler

Entrepreneur Profiling

This is a unique service whereby we will work with banks and private equity firms using a highly specialized knowledge of entrepreneurs and how they develop to help the firm profile the entrepreneur. This profile will help the investor reduce risk and increase success overall.

Business and financial due diligence services

Traditional Due Diligence

We have years of experience doing due diligence for mergers and acquisitions. Whether you consider the time it takes, the cost of travelling, or the biases that you may have, consider hiring us to do your due diligence on your next acquisition. So whether you are a private equity firm, financial institution, or other capital provider.